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Dear Authors/Publishers, first and foremost, we would like to thank you for your many months of business. We have enjoyed and appreciated our partnership with you. As we enter into the new year, JPS has made a number of equipment changes to support our many education distribution customers. Unfortunately, this means we will no longer be able to provide support for publishers and authors.

We have reached out to another successful book printer – IPG Ink – who will be a resource for printing support going forward. IPG Ink is the book manufacturing subsidiary of Independent Publishers Group ( which you may know as the one of the largest and most prominent distributors to the book trade in the United States. IPG is a family-owned business that has been around since 1971 and that currently supports the needs of more than a thousand client publishers worldwide. 

While your titles will not be distributed by Independent Publishers Group, they very much hope to work with you on your printing needs. Their focus on the book trade and the publishing community overall means their heart is in the right place—we believe we are leaving you in good hands. IPG Ink has the latest in digital print equipment and has the capacity to produce between 1 and  5,000 copies of your titles within a 5 – 7 day turn time. We have no doubt that the IPG Ink team will do a great job producing your books. 

Any projects that are already in production will be completed as scheduled. However, we will not be accepting any new orders starting Feb 13th, 2023. To make it easy, we can make your files accessible to IPG for any future reprint orders. 

Entering into a relationship with a new printer may leave you with questions. We have tried to anticipate and answer the biggest questions about how to work with IPG Ink below.

Working with IPG Ink – The Big Questions

I want to talk to IPG Ink about their offerings directly. Who can I contact right now?

IPG Ink is ready to help answer any questions you may have. Sending an email to is a great place to start. Please read through the rest of this email first, however, as it may help answer many of your questions.

Phone: 312-337-0747

How does pricing compare between JPS and IPG Ink?
IPG Ink has agreed to keep pricing scales identical—you will not see an increase in unit price. Since IPG Ink is in Chicago, IL, shipping costs may not be identical, however, and will vary by distance from Chicago.

Can IPG Ink print the same books that I print with JPS?
Note that IPG Ink offers only perfect bound solutions. In the perfect bound space, however, nearly all projects that can be completed at JPS can be completed at IPG Ink, with most books not requiring any kind of design change before production starts. The same print-ready PDF files that you are accustomed to sending to other printers can be sent to IPG Ink as well. A comparison between offerings is provided below.

Trim Size:
IPG Ink can produce any book between 4” on the smallest side and 12” on the largest side. Portrait, landscape (oblong), and square books are all accepted.  There is no need to conform to pre-set trim sizes (say 8.5 x 11.25, if your book is actually 8.75 x 11.37). Just send along your actual trim size.  

Book Length:
We can produce any book between 16 and 1000 pages in length.

Paper stocks:

50# White Offset 513ppi  No redesign for spinebulk required

60# White Offset 444 ppi  No redesign for spinebulk required

70# White  IPG Ink does not offer a 70# white uncoated option.

60# Crème 420 ppi  Yes. No redesign for spinebulk required

10pt C1s cover stock

12pt C1s cover stock

*Note that IPG Ink also offers an 80# Gloss coated stock at 540 PPI, as well as a 50# Crème stock at 500 PPI.

Cover Treatments:

IPG offers glossy and soft-touch matte cover finishes that are very similar to JPS offerings. We also offer 10pt and 12pt C1s cover paper—again, similar to JPS Graphics.

Printing quality:
Covers are printed on a 2400 x 2400, high-quality toner press. Longer-run black and white books print on a 600 dpi roll-fed ink jet press, with most other production running on a brand new ink jet device, the cutting-edge Canon iX VP3200. These presses are similar to those found at major printing companies such as Amazon or Baker & Taylor Bookmasters. Quality will not be top of mind when most consumers pick up a copy of a book printed by IPG Ink,

If I already submitted print specs and PDFs to JPS Graphics, do I have to re-submit them again to IPG Ink?

IPG is working with JPS Graphics to ensure that content submitted recently will not have to be resubmitted again. In most cases, resubmitting should not be required. That said, please bear with us! IPG Ink may need a week or two after this announcement to process all content previously submitted to JPS. The IPG Ink team will let you know if a resubmission is required in order to meet standard turn times.

How do I submit new content to IPG Ink?

The first step is to connect with IPG Ink staff via That is no ordinary email address. That address in fact goes to a ticketing system at IPG that ensures requests are tracked and answered in a timely manner. Once contact is made, submissions are made via  an online submission form for content,  and via Hightail, which is a service that allows for the submission of very large PDF files.

How do I order print runs through IPG Ink?
Make sure you have first made contact with via After initial contact, orders will be handled via, which includes an online form for ordering books.

How will I be billed for production?
Similar to JPS Graphics, IPG Ink requires that manufacturing orders be prepaid via credit card. An IPG Ink agent will contact you for payment before production begins. Additional details about this process will become available after initial contact with

What kind of turn time can I expect from IPG Ink?
IPG Ink offers production in the same turn time established by JPS Graphics, at 10 production days after proof approval.

Don’t be a stranger!
The best way to get set up for printing at IPG Ink is to reach out to us at  

Again, we thank you for your business and wish you well in the future.